Wanted: Yoga Mat That Lasts a Lifetime (At Least, This Lifetime)

Two Christmases ago, we gave our yoga master a supposedly durable, branded yoga mat.


This is how the mat looks now.




Teacher said his mat is full of his “nectar”…thus its beehive-looking surface? I wanted to ask.

Understandably, our yoga teacher uses his mat at least twice a day at our studio, not counting the times he’d bring this mat to his other classes at the gym, thus the wear and tear. However, I have used three mats alternately over a year, following the several-pairs-of-shoes principle (that is, using several pairs of shoes alternately will lengthen the useful life of each pair rather than using each one at a time—guys, women have reasons for having several pairs of shoes and it’s not vanity! =). After barely a year of use, each of my mats has either holes or cracks on it. I blame the holes to my toenails, as these holes fall exactly where I flex my feet in preparation for the downward-facing dog. But the cracks? They are all over my mat! Is it because the mats available in the market are manufactured in cold-weather countries thus they cannot last long in the tropical region?

Several months ago, a person working with a non-government organization (NGO) based in Las Pinas suggested that yoga mats be (designed and) produced out of dried seaweeds, the community’s main source of livelihood. Apparently, seaweeds grow abundantly and the locals dry and make them into various handicrafts, which I think the NGO markets. I haven’t heard from the person since but I hope somebody is pursuing this endeavor—the first Philippine-made yoga mat, 100 percent environment-friendly at that. Not a bad idea, is it?


4 thoughts on “Wanted: Yoga Mat That Lasts a Lifetime (At Least, This Lifetime)

  1. Congratulations on getting the site up, Ms. Varrahasana!!! Galeng. Buti ka pa may intelligence dito. I can’t get my wordpress site looking the way I want to…Web 1.0 (one-point-oh) pa ako.

    Jon, ako bibili ng Manduka pag punta ko ng States sa June. Bad trip nga that they don’t deliver to the Philippines. I plan to make that mat into my next “office” space. Sabi niyo nga: who knows where…”

    Si Chons, iba ang significance ng Manduka sa kanya.


  2. Hi Jon and Crissy! Just bought one last night–natatakot di umabot ang shipment before I leave for Manila =D

    Crissy, di ko na mahintay may magbigay sa akin ng Manduka kaya bumili na ako =P

  3. hahaha… ako rin bumili na rin. Dapat yung package with bag eh kaso out of stock. tapos yung purple lite naman… ok sana for traveling kasi nga punta akong India this July.. eh gusto ko ng black! hahahaha…

    bad trip nga kasi dapat papadeliver ko na diretso ng Davao. oh well… sabi nga ni Master Yoda “patience is a virtue, the young jedi must possess”.

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