Pinoy Yogini in California (Part I)

Window view from my room
(view from my room)

I am now on my second week on this side of the globe. Save for my niece’s baptism, my stay here has not been that eventful and I am not expecting it to be one. Feeding the three-month old baby, dancing (really!) her to sleep, changing diapers, doing the laundry and dishes, and preparing food make up my day. Oh, did I say yoga? So far I have been able to practise regularly at home. Pat, pat, pat.

Practising at room temperature of between 16C and 20C is not quite easy. Argh! Cold muscles! I could have turned up the heater but I don’t think the rest of my household would like to get the feel of our Manila abode simply because I have to do yoga. Whereas in Manila I would start sweating by the end of the first set of sun salutations, here my body would not be warm until the fifth set…under a sweatshirt at that. Despite that, my hamstrings would still not be warm enough for the forward bends, much less for hanumanasana, pigeon, and other similar leg stretches. For now, I just focus on my body parts that are more cooperative and do more warriors, torso twists, and inversions than my usual routine. I think that’s what injury does to yogins—it makes them more aware of their body and more cautious in their practice.

I practise on my sister’s slightly used mat (well, she found out she was pregnant after her fifth week into yoga =). It is a generic mat, which she just bought from eBay. Surprisingly, it is sticky enough to keep me in my posture even when it gets damp. Does weather (and thus how active my sweat glands are?) have to do with the mat’s stickiness? The mats I used back home, branded ones, become slippery when they get wet. Well, we will see when I start using my lovely new Manduka mat in Manila a few weeks from now! 😀

I was surprised when my sister laid my niece on her tummy and this was what she did:


Cobra cum locust! Baby yogini!

Over the past several days, I have been wanting, dreaming of, drooling over, coveting…a MacBook Air! I am in the best place to get a MacAir. I can get a MacAir. So why not get a MacAir? I am now using an iBook G4. There is nothing wrong with it and it serves my needs perfectly. It hasn’t given my any trouble since I bought it in 2006. Reliable, faithful iBook. So why get a MacAir? Aparigraha! Inhale…exhale….


7 thoughts on “Pinoy Yogini in California (Part I)

  1. Hey you! Stumbled onto your blog. Congrats to your sister! Hope you are having a great time there. Am super curious and I hope you don’t mind me asking what Manduka mat did you get? The thick black one or the purple lite one?

    Are you going to be based in the US for good?

    Sige, take care.

  2. Oops! Sorry missed the last paragraph. You’re coming back. See you around. Maybe in accu? Hahahhah. Am too stiff to join you for yoga. Back to square one for me.

  3. How nice that you got the eco-friendly mat….did you get the 3 or 7 pound one? Even if I got to VYC, I would go to a beginner’s class. Can’t do any of the stuff you guys are doing now. Take care and have fun over there!

  4. I got the 7-lb. mat. With its weight, I’ll leave it na lang with Jerry =D Basta, go back to practice kahit beginner’s class. I might do the same when I get back to Manila ;-D

  5. Ay naku. We will see. When I think of going back to class, I feel slightly sick to my stomach. I think its because I know I will have a hard time and then add to the fact that its getting hot here….ack. Just have to get over the mental hurdle. Hahahahahah. Sige, take care.

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