Pinoy Yogini in California (Part II)

A tip on improving back bends: while in standing position, carry a 17-pound, squirmy baby in your arms and try to put him/her to sleep.

My niece won’t go to sleep unless I “dance” with her and she usually takes 20 minutes to doze off. By that time, my arms are so sore already that I need to bend backward to support her with my tummy and keep her from falling. I cannot put her down until she’s in REM state so I get to hold this position for a good 45 minutes.


I don’t think carrying weights or heavy materials (say, two Manduka mats) won’t work, as there won’t be any compelling reason to hold the pose for an extended period.


Spend time in meditation to determine if it is necessary or not. If you ever decide not to pursue it, take it out of your mind.

Tip from Teacher Pio…on my attachment to Mac.


Early last week, Holy Week, Teacher Pio mentioned in his message that that he was on fasting for a reason that had absolutely nothing to do with Lent. That reminded me—prodded me? inspired me?—to observe Catholic traditions the rest of the week. Here is a Krishna devotee doing what I am supposed to be doing this season, I thought. Then on Sunday morning he was one of the first who sent me an Easter greeting.

Religion has not been an issue between my yoga teacher and me. Not yet at least. And I don’t think it should be.



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