My Shala Wishlist

I wish my yoga mates…

…would not place their mats right in front of somebody else’s mat because once in a while we all want to check our postures by looking at our reflection on the mirror.

…would not place their mats so close before somebody else’s that when we do the poses lying on our stomach we would smell one another’s feet.

…would stay on their mats, especially when we stretch our legs back in preparation for lunges and warrior poses, because if they don’t we would likely smell one another’s feet or step on one another.

…would not pull back/forward their mats when I pull mine back/forward because if we align our mats side by side we would hit one another when we do sun salutations.

…would not step on other people’s mats. Just don’t. Please.

…would not occupy too much space just to avoid the breaks on the glass walls because it is not kind to other yogis and it does not help the studio run efficiently.

…would not speak to me when I do my asanas before class because if I would rather talk to others than do asanas, I would have stayed in the waiting lounge.

…would tell the shala-keeper if they have spilled something on the floor so that he could clean up the mess right away and other yogis won’t get their feet wet (literally).

…would not leave their underwear lying around the waiting lounge. Encarta defines underwear as “clothes worn beneath outer clothes, usually next to the skin and not normally seen in public” (emphasis mine).

…would close the lounge door IF they really have to change clothes immediately and could not wait for their turn to use the restroom or the changing “corner”.

And I wish I would not have to add to this wish list in the future. =D


4 thoughts on “My Shala Wishlist

  1. “…would not step on other people’s mats. Just don’t. Please.”

    Specially with my new manduka mat, hehehe… joke lang. :-p

  2. I wish I can do a Vinyasa Flow class where the windows and door are closed and electric fans shut off.

    I wish I can do a Vinyasa Flow class where there is no pest pestering my final Savasna.

    I wish I can do a Vinyasa Flow class where there are no explosive surprises.

    I wish I can do a Vinyasa Flow class that starts and ends on time, (atleast) most of the time.

    I wish people remember that those exiting a room should be made to go first…entering when people are trying to exit a room is challenging the laws of matter (occupies space). We haven’t mastered levitation and astral travel yet. 🙂

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