A Weekend of Fitness…and Fun!

Last Saturday April 12th, my yogini friend Jane and I dropped by Rockwell’s Summer Series: A Weekend of Fitness that featured various fitness groups in Manila, mostly yoga studios. Free classes were held at the covered garden right in front of the mall.

At the Entrance

at the entrance

The Participating Studios

The Exhibitors

The Demo Area

Demo area

Bikram Yoga

Bikram's Marc Mead

Yoga Manila

Yoga Manila 1 Yoga Manila 2

Pulse Yoga

Pulse Yoga 1 Pulse Yoga 2

I was able to watch Yoga Manila’s Led Ashtanga and Pulse Yoga’s Yoga for Beginners.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Surprise! Surprise! I met Tesa Celdran who conducted Pulse Yoga’s demo class. I used to peek into her website occasionally, curious what has happened to her since she left our research unit 10 years ago. Yes, she’s right in saying she has “reincarnated”— researcher/writer turned yoga teacher, photographer, wife, and many more. Nice to see you again, Tesa! And looking forward to seeing you more often.

I did not join any of the demo class as I was saving my energy for our session with Teacher Pio that night. Now, that’s worth another blog.


We also visited Aura Athletica, the event’s major sponsor, supposedly to window shop but I ended up buying a sports bag. Since I came back from my trip, I had wanted to get a decent bag for my yoga stuff but never succeeded in getting myself into mall. I’d rather sleep than shop. If I ever do, just give me 30 minutes and I’m done with everything I need to get—yes, in the normal curve of female species, I am an outlier, a deviant! Thanks to Jane who was so passionate about the pink sports bag she saw (and eventually bought)—her passion rekindled mine to get a yoga bag.


The bag I bought is designed actually for badminton enthusiasts, with a pocket that’s big enough to hold a racket…in my case, to hold my yoga mat! Not for Kermit though, he’s too heavy for it. The bag is quite roomy with lots of pockets inside to keep my things organized, a bottle holder, and water-repellent interior for my wet stuff and exterior perfect for rainy days! I also like its shape that’s atypical of a sports bag. And because it’s so spacious it will be very handy when I go to Divisoria. There are a lot of colors to choose from but I chose green because aside from it being my color for balance, it also doesn’t get dirty easily (at least the dirt doesn’t easily show so it gives me an illusion of spotlessness). Go check this out! Their helpful and friendly store personnel would be more than willing to assist you.

new yoga bag


Here are Jane’s pictures showing her in action, both as a blogger and a shopper.

Jane 3

Jane 2

Thanks, Jane, for a fun afternoon!


The moon never fails to mesmerize me no matter what time of the day or what phase it chooses to reveal itself to me. Here it is at different times on April 12th.

moon 1

Moon 2


3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Fitness…and Fun!

  1. Hi Chona!

    It was so nice meeting you and Jane that day. Gosh, I’m still blown away from meeting you again, and such a loooooooong ways from AIM.

    Here’s to more reincarnations!


  2. Thank you for dropping by the event and for shopping at Aura! Your idea to use the side pocket to hold your mat is genius!

    – from the Aura Athletica Team

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