The New Yogis on the Block

Meet Teo the Yogi.

Warrior 1 (even with yogi dolls, alignment is important in keeping balance)

upward warrior
Upward Warrior (tight hips, tsk! tsk!)

Turtle (as I made the adjustments, I could just imagine what happens to my hip joints when I get into this posture…yikes!)

So, this is what happened to Teo after that hip-breaking pose.

broken hips

His parts are so fragile that a little twisting caused breakage right away—either that or he is osteoporotic (thus his name Teo, he he….)

Yogi Gelo gave me an idea what I can do with Stikfas figures. There’s more to this toy than what meets the eye—when I went to the store the first thing the sales personnel asked me “What kind of card do you want?” Duh?! I just want the doll. I got green and blue for myself, and red for Crissy without the slightest idea that each is a different model.

Teo is G2 Alpha Male (whatever that means) while Crissy’s is Classic. Teo has more parts and breaks more easily (obviously with his hips) than the two others. Until Teo recovers from his surgery, he can’t do yoga for the meantime.

Meet the Yoga Master.

YM warrior
Warrior 2 (look at those hips and the perfect 90-degree bend!)


WL forward bend
Wide-legged forward bend



Yoga Master is Alpha Male (again, whatever that means). It’s easier to assemble and more durable than Teo.

As I took pictures of these toys, I realized that anatomy really plays a role in what one can and cannot do—just look at the differing structures of Teo and Yoga Master. (Picture below shows Teo with his new hips, thanks to Yoga Master’s spare energy, er, parts. Healing is pretty fast, huh.).

teo and guru

It also took me a lot of patience to get them into the poses properly without breaking a bone or two (hmmm, maybe that’s what also Teacher Pio feels about us, he he).


6 thoughts on “The New Yogis on the Block

  1. Hi Azrael! Thanks for dropping by my site. I think you need to educate me what this stikfas thing is all about, ha ha! =D

    Tara, yoga na tayo! Kung kaya ng stikfas, kaya mo rin yan.

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