Yoga in Bacolod Part 1

My work has required me to visit Bacolod City in Negros Occidental every so often since 2004. I had seen it when the airport was still in Bacolod City, which is now in Silay, and explored its various surrounding municipalities. In those four years, moving there had not crossed my mind. I have always loved Davao City and Puerto Princesa but not Bacolod…until last February, when I realized that yes, it is a city where I can spend my retirement years. Davao City is like love at first sight; Bacolod is the kind of love that grows over time…or was it just an influence of Valentine month on me?

Last May 6 to 8, off I went to Bacolod again. While waiting at the Manila Domestic Airport, two things struck me. One was the number of flights that day going to Boracay (which turned me green!).

bora flights

And the other was the number of bags occupying seats intended for the waiting passengers while a lot of people were standing up.




I tried taking pictures as discreetly as possible (unfortunately I could not take photos of the waiting passengers out of fear that doing so might unnecessarily alarm the security). How inconsiderate some people could be, I thought. But the good thing was, soon the airport authority made an announcement requesting the passengers to free up the seats for their co-passengers. Whether the passengers “with seated bags” heeded the request or not was another story.

Since it seems that I will be frequenting the city until next year, I started looking for a yoga center before I left Manila. Thanks to Jane, I was able to locate Shape Up Studio along Lacson Street where Gigi Tordesillas teaches. Apparently, Gigi’s is the only yoga class in the city, as the other studio already closed down.

shape up

I was able to catch her class on Wednesday evening. We were nine students then, occupying half of the pilates studio. Soft candlelight filled the dim room that matched the Gigi’s gentle voice. Her sequence was ashtanga-based but executed in a gentle and slow manner (but mind you, I had a good sweat!). Since I came a little bit late—the class was into breathing exercise already—I was not able to take pictures when everyone was still poised and pretty. Gigi promised that she’ll accommodate me in interview and photo shoot when I go back to Bacolod next month. So watch out for Yoga in Bacolod Part 2!


18 thoughts on “Yoga in Bacolod Part 1

  1. Hanep yang 80 pesos na yan ha! I wonder what their business model is…if there’s a business to this…

    Umaandar tuloy pagka-kuripot ko. Napapacalculate ako sa layo ng Manila prices. Hmm.

  2. Thanks for the post – I sure hope the place is still open and offers yoga classes still..I just moved back 6 months ago, and ive wanted to enroll in a yoga class but never got the time to do so in Manila.

  3. Hi JustBrowsing! Got an SMS from Gigi, yes she still teaches in Shape Up, MWF, 6-7pm. Yahoo! Do try her class but be ready to be hooked! I am scheduled to fly to Bacolod this February and will try to catch her (as I always do but problem with business trips is that someone always does your itinerary for you, he he). Who knows, we might see each other at the studio =D

  4. hi! im from bacolod and ive been looking for a yoga studio for the longest time!
    can you tell me where shape up stuido is located?
    or perhaps a contact number where i can call them?

  5. Hi, Chona. What a wonderful blog you have. I stumbled upon this older post while Googling for yoga studios in Bacolod City. My parents live there, and I’d like for them to start practicing. If you have any updates about the Shape-Up studio or hear of any other studios there, spread the word.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Christina! Thanks for dropping by. Just got a message this morning from Ms. Gigi Tordesillas and yes, she still teaches yoga at Shape-Up at TU Square Building along Lacson Street , MWF 6-7:15pm. Been asking around, too, but my friends haven’t heard of any other studio/shala/fitness center offering yoga. Hope you can join Gigi’s class one of these days. =)

    • Hello! Please call the number posted here for your inquiry: Family Shape-Up Center, T.U. Building corner Lacson St. and B.S. Aquino Drive. #434732.

  6. Hi! I am from Bacolod and there are other yoga classes/studios. There is morning yoga at iStudio, 3rd Flr. VSB Bldg, 6th-Lacson St. every MWF 830am, also an afternoon class at Xfit Cross Training Gym at the Art District, Mandalagan every TTH 5pm.

  7. hello gusto ko mag yoga excercise because i have a backpain maka paayo na kunu sa akon ginabatyag,maka lessen sang akon back pain?naga gym ako pero according sa laser spine institute some exercises in gym makapalain sa akon backpain mag yoga nalang ko kunu nga much ba ang per session sang yoga?>

    • Hi Joel! Kahit madalas ako sa Bacolod, hindi pa rin ako marunong ng Hiligaynon. Kung tama ang context clues na nakuha ko–gusto mo mag yoga dahil sa back pain mo at yung exercise sa gym hindi advised sa yo. Hindi na ako updated sa class ni Gigi Tordesillas pero nung nag-attend ako ng class niya sa Shape Up Studio, Php80 per session. Hindi ako nagpupunta sa gym so hindi ako maka comment diyan. Personally, I do yoga when I have back pains–in 2010 and last year. It helps a lot! Pero kahit walang back pains, I stil do yoga. Better seek an experienced teacher; don’t rely on DVDs or videos especially if it is your first time to do yoga. Try going to Gigi’s class and maybe you can discuss with her your health concerns. Hope you enjoy yoga as much as I do! Get well soon.


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