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A couple of my friends, who are differently abled and know that I am into yoga, have expressed their interest to try it after hearing of its health benefits but are afraid to do so because of their physical limitations. Then I thought, yes, why not somebody comes up with a yoga program for the special population?

This Yoga Journal article Yoga Does Every Body Good by Carol Krucoff discusses how people, even those with special physical conditions, can enjoy the benefits of breathing and spinal movement. It furthers, “If you’re injured or sick or have other physical limitations, you need to ‘start where you are and let go of any image of what you should look like in a pose,’ (I think this is true for all yoga practitioners.) says Vandita Kate Marchesiello, who directs the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association and teaches yoga for special populations.”

Yoga for special population, why not?


A while ago, I saw Fr. Rodolfo “Rudy” Fernandez S.J. on television’s “The Young Once”. He shared how, upon hearing again a popular song during the World War II, he broke into tears with his body trembling even several decades after the historical event had passed. He explained, “my mind has forgotten but my body still remembers…” referring to the agony he went through during those times.

How true…sometimes our body knows better than our mind.


I found this in the Yoga Journal site:


Who would have thought that my two (seemingly extremely different) worlds would one day merge? Amazing!

I am a yogini working in the Philippine microfinance sector. 😀


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