Yoga in Davao…

…sadly is still yet to be established. With the absence of yoga studios, even gym-based ones, the friends of my friends who do yoga have to be content with self-practice, at least for now (and until someone changes his plans in the next two years, ;-D).

For a yogin deprived of yoga for days, I saw yoga in everything. Here are the proofs:

Baby in (half?) hero pose (virasana)

Baby in (half but in meditation?) sage Bharadwaja pose (Bharadwajasana)

Baby in bent-back-leg pose (tiryang-mukha-ekapadasana)
“Keep the back of your legs flat on the floor…”

Happy baby yogi
Happy baby yogi!

Thanks, Akeem, for posing for Tita Chona!

And thanks Rose (and Tito Moy, Tita Olga, and Jinky) for welcoming me to your home!


13 thoughts on “Yoga in Davao…

  1. Si Rose willing mag invest ha. Yoga studio pwede na talaga sa Davao pero yung wellness center concept ko parang hindi pa feasible, at least not at this time. Besides, rights to land lang daw ang pwede, no sale, which I find too risky (conservative ang lola mo, he he). Or yoga studio and resort, pwede rin. Daming properties for sale in Samal Island πŸ˜‰

  2. hehehe… bat rights to land lang? eh di ba pinoy ka naman? hehehe.. so dapat pwede kang bumili ng lupa kahit saang sulok ng Pinas?

  3. long term lease?

    Jon, investor puwede kaso baka ako ang i-reject niyo…kasi ang ambisyon ko eh maging yoga teacher by day at bar tender by night in one”wellness” center. Hahaha! πŸ˜›

  4. Asus, pahirapan mag open ng wordpress, my safari’s acting up (sige ka lang, baka mapalitan ka ng macbook, haha!)

    @Jon – akala yata nila Greek ako…baka that’s how I sounded to them, nyehehe. May issue daw ang farmlands sa Davao–considered protected areas pa rin yata sila. But the government has just opened Davao to mining companies, parang Palawan. So good luck sa mga Pinoys at sa napipintong “collective karma” natin.

    @Crissy – bago ko inambisyong maging yoga teacher, una kong inambisyong maging barista!

    @Tesa – thanks, Tesa! Apply na lang kami sa ‘yo pag nag open ka na ng branch sa Davao πŸ˜‰

  5. Crissy & Chona, gusto ko rin actually maging barista at bartender… sa Davao kapag may party sa bahay, ako ang nagpeprepare ng drinks dati. Pina colada, screwdriver, tequila sunrise… me books nga ako ng mixed drinks eh.

  6. Hi I came across your blog, I felt the same way, if you’re still in Davao and still interested in Yoga, please come and visit our studio at Damosa. We have sessions in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

    Check out our site or call us at 234.4042


  7. Hi,

    I wanted to let all yoga teachers and practitioners know about the upcoming yoga asana competition in Manila on 25 October 2009.

    The site is :

    The goal of the event is really to make more people aware of all the benefits — physical, mental, emotional — that can come from practicing yoga. If you are interested in joining the competition (there is no cost other than coming to Manila, of course) or just being in the audience, please do come!

    Registration forms are available on the site.


    Tristan Choa

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