For the Love of Yoga

Last Sunday, July 6, Jon, Trin, Crissy, Neil, and myself gathered at the UP Lagoon for a photo shoot—Jon and Trin were to do their ashtanga practice while Crissy and Neil were to catch their yogic moments. I was the P.A., as in, production assistant, personal alalay, or minsan pang asar (naka block sa scene, naglalakad sa harap ng video, ha ha!).  

Team Yoga

Talents of seasoned yoga practitioners-teachers and professional photographers combined…nobody ever asked what was the shoot for and what was in it for him/her. Each one did just what s/he loves to do and did it for free. Pure human spirit at work. All for the love of yoga. (Well, maybe not YET in Neil’s case. His motivation was more for the love of…photography?) If it were not so, then I don’t know why this event happened. 

Neil and Crissy

Neil and Crissy

Jon and Trin before the practice

Jon and Trin before the practice

It all started last February when my plan of putting together a coffee table book on yoga did not materialize and, after sharing my shattered idea with Crissy, she picked the pieces together and started identifying yoga practitioners and/or teachers who would be willing to have their pictures taken while they do their practice. I do not quite remember anymore why I thought of Jon when he was not even in Manila at this time—maybe because of his self-portrait which he posted in his now defunct multiply account. So I linked Jon and Crissy via email, who did not know each other. Then Jon requested that we include in the pictorial Trin, his good friend, who graciously albeit hesitantly accepted our invitation. Crissy, Trin, and I knew one another from the Vinyasa Yoga Center. The date was set in March when I was out of Manila myself.  At this time, Neil was not yet in the picture, pun intended, he he. So we were just “linked” together. Nobody gave anyone directions yet everything just worked out fine. Someone must have directed all these. Natural order of things!


As Crissy said, let’s see where these things will lead us. For the meantime, we are simply delighted with the beautiful shots that came out. Below are a couple of my amatuer shots:

The Ashtangis

The Ashtangis

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

After the shoot, we invaded Crissy’s kitchen (thanks to her mom and sister-in-law) for lunch. Yogi Jon turned chef that moment, preparing lentil soup, Filipinized samosa / Indian lumpia, and salad with two choices of dressing for us. Sarap!

Yogins turned chefs

Yogins turned chefs (photo by Neil)

 Jon the chef in action

Jon the chef in action (photo by Neil)


Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup (photo by Neil)

Greens (phpto by Neil)

Greens (photo by Neil)

Avocados (photo by Neil)

Avocados (photo by Neil)

Salad Dressing - tomatoes, cucumber, basil, and avocado (photo by Neil)

Salad Dressing - tomatoes, cucumber, basil, and avocado (photo by Neil)

Garlic yoghurt sauce (phot by Neil, modeled by Jon =D)

Garlic yoghurt sauce (photo by Neil, modeled by Jon =D)


Samosa in lumpia wrap

Samosa in lumpia wrap

An Omnivore in a Veggie Cooking Session (self-portrait)

A Carnivore in a Veggie Cooking Session (self-portrait) -- Note: carnivore daw, not omnivore as I originally posted, he he!

Everything is finger-licking-ly good!

Everything is finger-licking-ly good! (photo by Neil)

What a day, born out of the generosity of each soul. And to each of them, I say namaste.



10 thoughts on “For the Love of Yoga

  1. Hi Chona!

    Pa-link naman si Neil para hindi lang “link” ang dynamics niyo. 🙂 Thanks!

    Oo nga, cute ang first yoga photo shoot natin. Here’s to more! Here’s to all the shoots na chill lang lagi! Tesa you’re next, we’re excited for your return to Manila!


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  3. Hi Chona! It was my pleasure doing my first-ever yoga video shoot. For my fledgling love for yoga and my gargantuan love for Crissy. Naks!

    Pero utang na loob, magluto naman kayo ng karne o manok sa susunod ha? Hehehe!

  4. Ayan, Jon, sabi mo ‘next time’ so mauulit ito… Kaya next time kasama ka na sa palengke ha ;-D

    Next time sa Camiguin! Kakainggit ang pix mo, Jon!

  5. @Chona
    Hehehe… next time kasama na sa adventure ang pamamalengke…

    Pwedeng-pwede… naka lotus pose with “Our Father” hands? 🙂

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