For a yogini like me who sweats like a pig (another reason why varrahyoga is so apt a title for me!), a towel is a standard accessory in my practice, as crucial as a mat. It is not so much for wiping perspiration, which is not encouraged in the class, as for avoiding formation of bodies of water in the shala. Okay, that’s an exaggeration—paddy is more like it.

Last year, when Aquazorb was launched in the market, I didn’t bother to give it a try. One, it was available only at the Fort—nah, too much a hassle for me. Two, I was already content with my yoga rugs which were locally made using 100 percent cotton fabric—gawang Pinoy! However, these rugs didn’t last a year, notwithstanding the careful maintenance they required. Read: hand washing!   

A few months ago, my friend Mary An, whose husband and son are very much into sports, suggested that I try Aquazorb yoga towel. Apparently her men were happy with their sports towels, made of the same fabric as the yoga towel, which they got at the 5th floor of the Shangrila mall.

So I bought a yoga towel for Php500 and a finger towel for Php80. The yoga towel comes in different colors—lime, red, salmon, yellow, and light blue.  (Aquazorb has other product types, which come in more varieties of hues.) Thought bubble: At kailangan bang matching ang colors ng yoga at finger towels?!

Unlike the regular bath towel, Aquazorb perfectly fits a standard yoga mat (24” x 68”) so wherever my feet land in my jump-backs, I’m sure to have a towel underneath my sweaty soles. (Pictured here is my Manduka mat, which measures 26” x 71”.) 

It is lighter than an ordinary towel, too, but is certainly more absorbent—I feel almost completely dry after savasana. In fact, it is too absorbent that you would not want to hand wash them (like I did!). Just throw it in the washer, no sweat! Most importantly, this yoga towel provides a non-slip surface (but make sure you wash it first before using and do not use fabric softener).

Aquazorb also has special offer (not sure until when): for every Php1,000 purchase one gets a water-repellent bag, good for keeping your wet stuff after practice.

The packaging does not say though what this towel is made of so I do not know if it is of organic source. Further, the packaging materials used are not environment-friendly. Maybe the towels can just be rolled and bound with a paper strip instead of using plastic (as pictured below)? Just a suggestion.

For now, it’s Aquazorb yoga towel for me…but let’s see until my Yogitoes comes (I hope my sister is reading this blog so she won’t forget her birthday present for me, tee-hee-hee).  Aside from being pricey (1 Yogitoes = 4  Aquazorb yoga towel + 3 finger towels), Yogitoes also requires careful washing so that its rubber dots won’t come off. Will keep you posted—if you don’t hear anything from me after my birthday, it’s  either my sister forgets all about my Yogitoes or I am not happy with it.


24 thoughts on “Aquazorb

  1. Hi! I’ve been trying to get hold of Aquazorb Body Towels for the longest time. Thankful that I cam across your blog. May I ask what the exact name of the store is at Shangrila? Many thanks! 🙂

  2. I love my yogitoes :-p

    It doesn’t really need any careful washing as I usually just dump it in the washing machine.

    Yun nga lang, EXPENSIVE! hehe

    • Hi Tin! Thanks for the heads-up. Was at Powerplant during the holidays but didn’t see it. =(

      Oh yes, I love my Lakshmi yogitoes which my niece sent me! Inspiring color! Pero Jon, nag slip ako sa yogitoes e. Sinong may problema ako o siya? 🙂 Wrong posture/alignment kaya? When you’re back in Manila, do visit Certified Calm 3/F of Shangrila Mall. Lots of nice yoga stuff but they’re EXPENSIVE. I refuse to think that they’re a form of investment…for now. Ha ha!

  3. I bought a bunch of Aquazorb towels and am loving them, so haven’t gotten around to getting a Yogitoes. Are they really that different?

    Chona: We never got to meet up over the holidays! In fairness though, I always forget how hectic that time of year gets. My practice definitely suffered. 😦

    Jon: I took a class with Connie of YM last Saturday and she said you’ll be teaching daw for YM? Sayang, I go to Ortigas but won’t be able to make your evening classes because of work. Maybe one day if I can take a leave, I’d love to try your class!

    • Hi Avril! Aha! That’s why they ran out of stock! 😉 I find aquazorb fluffier so it feels really nice during savasana (or when I all flat on my face, ha ha!). The good thing about yogitoes is that it has rubber dots that keep the towel in place especially during jump-throughs. Certified Calm, 3/F of Shangrila, has yogitoes. Well, we might bump into each other in Ortigas one of these days, who knows 🙂

      Oo nga, Jon, di ka ba pwede morning class sa Ortigas? Manggulo daw ng schedule! 😀

  4. Hahaha no naman! I didn’t buy THAT many. 🙂

    I’d love to see you again though, Chona. We never did get to have our vegetarian dinner over the holidays. We must plan that, okay? Sama si Jon since he’ll be in Manila na. And Jane, haven’t met her in person yet.

    By the way, Jon, I’ll be taking the Education in Yoga in CYI June 25-July 25. Will you be there na?

  5. Sure Avril! Let’s ask Jon his free time; Jane and I are pretty flexible (schedule-wise, that is, he he). IF I survive my first session with him (well for this year) then we’ll see each other in his class. ;-D

  6. syempre ngayon ko lang nabasa tong mga to…

    as I said, I just need to complete my spices then I’m ready to cook again. 🙂 I have really nice Indian and Thai recipes to share with everyone.

  7. Looking forward, Jon!

    Avril, guess what. Aquazorb came out already with yoga towels a la yogitoes with rubber dots underneath. The material used is similar as well (not the fluffy type). Didn’t buy though (but was so tempted to).

  8. actually pwede na next weekend… Thai veg nga lang and not Indian veg… did thai fresh spring roll and pumpkin hummus this evening! patok sa takilya!

    • Game! Hmmm, I have this strange feeling na ako ang magko coordinate nito ano? Will text you, people. Tumataas ang mileage/hits ng aquazorb dahil sa exchange natin, ha ha! [Wala pa ba akong complimentary item kahit yoga towel man lang (wink-wink).]

  9. My boyfriend is from the Philippines and brought a lot of Aquazorb towels with him and I love them! They are the best towels. Sadly they would be difficult to obtain in the U.S.

    • Right Jon! Ngayon pati sa Korea. Paging Aquazorb people! If you could only see my stats on search engine terms… 😉 Any color will do, ha ha!

  10. I used to live in Manila and purchased an aquazorb towel from the Fort. I’m now back in the U.S. and would like to get some more. Have some contacts in Fort Bonafacio who could send them to me, but I don’t know where to get them.

  11. just a comment for those in makati area.. landmark makati carries them. we actually included them in our bridal registry..

    just go to the towels area on d 2nd floor.. and look for the aquazorb area.. 🙂

    • Hi there! My trips to Alabang are few and far between so I have no idea where one can get aquazorb, sorry. But I hope someone reading this blog could help you.

  12. Hi! I found this post when I was looking for reviews about yoga towels 🙂 I’m trying to decide to get an aquazorb or yogitoes yoga towel. is the aquazorb difficult to use? i’m kinda scared I might slip with the aquazorb (since there aren’t any rubber dots underneath). thanks so much 🙂

    • Aquazorb yoga towel now has silicon dots and its fabric is similar to that of yogitoes. In fact they don’t sell the old yoga towel (the oversized bath towel) anymore. =)

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