Life Without Yoga

Today’s my third day without yoga. No, not because of injury, thank God, but because of flu—yeah, lesser evil. I could deal with flu better than an injury. I could not read much because of terrible headache and neither do I want to spend time in front of the idiot box. So here I am blogging away to have some kind of entertainment, if not a sense of usefulness.

My help-cook-angel Cynthia was off today so I had to prepare my own meals.  I had vegetable soup and my version of Filipinized samosa (or Indian lumpia). What can go wrong with Campbell’s cream of asparagus soup (I just threw in more veggies into it)? As for my samosa, nice attempt I’d say. My teacher-chefs would not be happy with it but I know Cynthia would be excited to have whatever food she did not prepare. She adores my cooking, ha ha! (lest she loses her job 😉 )

Had these after dinner. Not at all sattvic. Broke the 80-20 rule even. Oh well, I’m only human… that’s why I got sick in the first place. 😦



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