Blog Plug: Pulse Yoga Makati + Sharing the Practice + Yoga Calendar

Got this Pulse Yoga announcement via email:

Dearest Yoga Friends,

See our new schedules for
Greenhills @
Makati @

We have great new classes: Hot Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Gentle Flow. Come and drop by a class to experience what these classes are all about.

Our Pasong Tamo extension studio is operational + pulse @ The Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
Beginning today, we’re running a full schedule of classes at Pulse Makati. Beginning Wednesday, we are also offering pulse yoga classes in the central business district (schedule will  be up online by tonight).
Please note that pulse @ Mandarin classes are all walk-in classes, 500p/session.

So wherever you are in Makati, on whichever side of Edsa, you’re only 10 minutes away from Pulse. All the better to make yoga a habit. 🙂

‘Sharing the Practice’ –
THIS WEEKEND, our August guest teacher, Amy (see her complete bio @, will be teaching two classes as part of a pulse event series called ‘Sharing the practice’. We invite anyone who would like a thorough explanation of the poses we do in our Power, Ashtanga and Mysore classes to attend. Amy will be doing a led classes that will explore how to properly execute poses: breath, alignment, gaze point and where to put hands and feet will be discussed.
Pulse Makati. Saturday and Sunday, August 16-17.
9:30 am – 12 noon. Pulse members free; non-members 750/day.

As mentioned before, we have much coming up this year. Here’s a preview. Don’t worry, we’ll send out more details as the dates come up.

11 Pasong Tamo new schedule takes effect
13 pulse @ Mandarin classes begin
16-17 Sharing the Practice w/ Amy
30-31 Yoga Discovery Weekend @ Pulse Makati

27-30 Pilates Allegro Certification Program I

15 – Kids Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Registered Course)
30- 2 Pilates Allegro Certification Program II

As always, please e-mail if you have any questions or concerns!

peace + love + light,
Joelle Goudsmit
Yoga Director


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