Teaching Yoga: Profession or Vocation? The Teachers’ Perspective

I found these entries from Linda’s Yoga Journey (http://lindasyoga.blogspot.com/2008/08/price-we-pay.html and http://lindasyoga.blogspot.com/2008/08/price-we-pay-part-2-how-much-is-yoga.html) a good read especially for yoga teachers and the wanna-be’s. I believe that the issues presented in these posts–running the shala like nothing but a money-making venture, commoditizing yoga into “McYoga”, and how this mentality impacts the way teachers are treated–are also happening in the yoga scene in the Philippines although the context and magnitude may be (a whole lot) different. Still, the blogs and the comments left me disturbed and made me reflect on a lot of things….one question after another…one of them is, where is our “yoga industry” (note the quotation marks, as I still prefer to call us “yoga community” instead) headed?

I would certainly like to hear what you think about these issues.


5 thoughts on “Teaching Yoga: Profession or Vocation? The Teachers’ Perspective

  1. On yoga clothes, etc…
    The Hathapradipika says:
    Wearing a particular type of clothing does not bring success; Nor does merely talking about yoga. Practice alone brings success: This is undoubtedly is the truth. – HP I:66

    On teacher’s practice and personal study:
    The teacher, having understood the Sastra’s, must practice regularly for himself and then teach the prescribed asanas to others. – Yoga Rahasra II:25

    Got nothing to say really… just thought of sharing those slokas.

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