Vegetarian-friendly Restos Part 2

La Mesa Grill in Trinoma, despite their being the house of the famous Crispchon, could be a place for vegetarians. Their line-up of veggie dishes, however, is just an everyday fare in our household (adobong kangkong, for example) except for their ginataang sigarilyas. The original recipe has shrimps in it but I asked the waiter to take them out (among all other “customized” things we asked) and he obliged without complaints. Good food (especially when I was still an omnivore, ha ha!) and good service!  

Pancake House also has pomodoro pasta and fruity salad for vegetarians but the waiters (at least the ones in Galleria) are willing to take special orders. I had Asian salad sans the shrimps. 

Another favorite stop in Galleria is Chef D’Angelo. Their people know what goes into their food so if you just tell them your special needs, they have recommendations at hand. They have factory nachos, garden pesto (with mushrooms though–some say they aren’t sattvic) and four cheese pizzas, and pesto, puttanesca, and spaghetti with tomato sauce if you like pasta.  

Cafe Mediterranean is one of the most vegetarian-friendly places I know! They have a wide variety of dishes for us! ;-D So just check their menu here.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf–so near the yoga studio I go to!–is not just a coffee and tea place (I love their Moroccan mint latte!). They also offer real food. Top choices are Greek salad, three-cheese sandwish, and tomato and herb linguine.

Kung masa ka naman, punta ka sa Bodhi sa foodcourt ng Megamall (sa SM yata mga branches nila). Php65 isang serving ng ulam. It is a vegetarian fastfood place which offers all types of dishes–from barbeque, to kare-kare complete with bagoong, to bistek, to chicken curry–with “fake meat”. I think there’s another one in Glorietta (Evergreen?)  but I haven’t been there in ages.

So vegetarians need not starve in this city! ;-D


3 thoughts on “Vegetarian-friendly Restos Part 2

  1. Kare-kare from Bodhi!!! Waaaa… have to wait until I get home in December. Likha diwa in QC has a very nice vegetarian kare-kare as well. Way better than Bodhi of course… kaso nga lang when you’re in the mall and craving for some cheap veggie food, Bodhi is the best place to go… hhahaha.

  2. Masa option nga e, he he. I bring my mom there whenever she craves for meat e bawal sa kanya. I don’t like “fake meat” kasi mukha silang meat, ha ha! anlabo!

  3. Oo nga eh… i had fake pork sinigang at Likha Diwa last June and I thought it was weird… I don’t want to be reminded of how pork tasted like… although the soup was yummy… medyo di ko gets yung fake pork… although of course for starting vegetarians these fake meats really help a lot… but once you’ve gone deeper into being veggie… you won’t really want to be reminded of the past… hahaha.

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