Vegetarian-friendly Restos

Last Thursday, my friend Jane and I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) at Shangrila Mall. We both wanted to have pizza but I am a vegetarian and she’s not. Originally, she wanted a Thai Chicken Pizza and as a compromise, we asked Raye, the CPK staff, to put all the chicken to Jane’s share because I didn’t want “any animal in my food.” Raye, however, said that the pizza sauce was made of chicken broth so it still wouldn’t be a good idea. Wow! I am impressed with this guy’s honesty! I wouldn’t have noticed the difference anyway so he could have just given in to our request.

Raye instead suggested that we have The Works and that he would have all the pepperoni and sausages placed on one (Jane’s) side. So this is how our pizza looked:



The red side had all the meat. Yummy! CPK has other vegetarian-friendly dishes like Margherita pizza and grilled vegetables salad.

Kudos CPK! Good food and good service.

There are other restos in town that accommodate my special request to take out the meat in their supposedly “standardized” recipes. Last time Jane (again!) and I had dinner at Italianni’s Β at Gateway, we ordered Sicilian salad and requested that they split the salad, again with one portion (Jane’s) having all the chicken bits.

Mexicali has a special line-up of vegetarian-friendly food, too; just look for this sign: . My top choices are grilled vegetable burritos and salad.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal at Megamall B is also accommodating. Last month I was with my family and I ordered chopseuy less all seafood and meat.

But not all restos are vegetarian-friendly. I went to this place in Eastwood (with my family who are meat-eaters) and was struggling to get a veggie dish. I kept asking the waiter what each dish I had picked was made of (of course dropping it every time he mentioned any form of animal meat in there) and when it came to my nth choice, he said it was made of taro leaves and coconut milk (a la laing, he said). Okay, so finally I made an order only to find out after the food was served that inside the taro leaf rolls were meatballs. Very bad tactic.

I like eating better than cooking so expect more reviews of vegetarian-friendly restos in my blog. I leave the blogging on vegetarian cooking to Mitahara. πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Vegetarian-friendly Restos

  1. Thanks for this, Chona. I just recently decided it was time to give up the chicken and fish which were my last strongholds of “animals in my food” πŸ™‚ and I’ve been having a hard time eating out or thinking of places where I can buy lunch while at work. Like you, I don’t like to cook, so this list as very helpful. See ya!

  2. You are welcome, Avril! I forgot a few more restos and thought they were worth a blog, but too late for this one though. So on to the next! πŸ˜€

  3. I need pizza now!!! Hahaha… I’ve been eating Indian food since I came here 10 weeks ago. I had Italian food once when a friend in Mysore prepared dinner.

    Cooking? No cooking is happening until maybe when I get to Phuket. If that’s not going to happen, in December definitely. I’m thinking of preparing an all-veg Christmas dinner for my family in Davao.

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