Blog Plug: Bringing Yoga to the National Consciousness

Got this poster from Crissy. For inquiries please contact the Bikram Yoga office.

For those who are interested to join, here are some videos of the championship held in other countries. Good luck!





3 thoughts on “Blog Plug: Bringing Yoga to the National Consciousness

  1. I sent this note to the Chairman of the Philippine Yoga Asanas Competition ( but got no response. Maybe the yoga bloggers can provide me with insights.

    “Just wondering why the Indian community would/should benefit from this effort to bring yoga to Filipino consciousness. You are using FIlipino resources to benefit another nation, whereas there are so many Filipinos who can benefit from this endeavor. Just imagine how many Filipinos can be sent to yoga schools as scholars–now that’s strategically bringing yoga to national consciousness because you are multipying the numbers of advocates-cum-teachers, making yoga even inclusive (non-elitist) by bringing the practice to the less privileged ones.”

  2. I think Mr. Tristan Choa of Bikram is in charge of this event (right Crissy?). Please address your question to him as he responds to emails (wrote him a couple of times and he did respond to them even if we don’t know each other personally).

    Thanks for visiting. As for my thoughts on this matter, I’ll write you a personal email.

  3. well, with the search engine items that registered in my blog today, it looks like a lot of people would like to know who won in this competition. Unfortunately, I had to take my mom to the hospital that day so I wasn’t able to go (and so did Jane, her hubby in her case…a lot of people are getting sick these days). You may check out these sites:

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