Stop Spreading the Flu

(Sing à la Frank Sinatra)

Stop spreading the flu, please leave us today

Don’t want to be a part of it – Singhot!* Singhot!

This cold virus is longing to stay

Right through the very lungs of yours – Singhot! Singhot!

I wanna wake up in a city, well and fit

And find no need for a pill….

(*Filipino term for “snuffle”)


Tonight I shared the shala with two ladies with bad cold—one on my right, the other on my left. Our session went like this:

Teacher: Inhale, raise your arms….

Lady on the right: Snuffle, snuffle….

Teacher: Exhale, swan dive….

Lady on the left: Snuffle, snuffle….

Teacher: Inhale, lift your chest….

Lady on the right: Snuffle, snuffle….

Teacher: Exhale, step your feet back….

Lady on the left: Snuffle, snuffle….

My thought bubble: inhale, exhale daw, not sniff or snuffle! Duet kayo o, may blending e.


During savasana, this was what I heard:

Teacher: This is the time you have given yourself to relax….

Somebody: cough, cough!

Teacher: No one is demanding anything from you…

Somebody: cough, cough!

Teacher: Empty your mind….

Somebody: cough, cough!

My thought bubble: empty your mind daw, not your lungs!

Seriously now, if you are not feeling well, please do not come to the studio anymore. That will certainly be a disservice to the rest of the class. If you honestly believe that yoga will make you feel better, then do self-practice at home; coming to the studio will be such a selfish act. Colds, cough, flu, pneumonia, or any other air-borne infections are contagious. Please be considerate of other yoga practitioners with whom you will share the space and their families they will go home to at the end of the day. 

From DailyOM:

Insignificant actions on your part, whether positive or negative, can have an impact on people and the environment that seem entirely separate from your personal realm of existence. Staying conscious of the interconnection between all things can help you think of your choices and your life in terms of the broader effect you may be creating.

Do take time to read this article as it talks about us being connected, WAY beyond infecting others with our virus.  



7 thoughts on “Stop Spreading the Flu

  1. Oo nga, ang tatapang pa man din ng mga virus ngayon. Neil and I went to Megamall two Wednesdays ago and caught the nastiest virus ever. We went to our homes, slept, and the next day we had a cold. In a matter of hours, we had sore throat. By Thursday evening we were coughing. Hanggang ngayon inuubo pa rin kami. My body was looking for the bikram heat since higher temperatures increase T-cell activities. Pero I just yoga-ed to the heat of my shower instead kasi nga ayoko makahawa at makadamay pa ng mga families. There are just some people who are not aware of their impact on others…

  2. Mismo! I woke up this morning with cold and sore throat! Will skip class today…you know, walk the talk, ha ha! Salabat to the max. Yikes.

    Kinukumusta ka nga pala ni Lomen 😉

  3. Lomen is in China right now, maybe she’ll get to read your response to her sincere note.

    May pest control na sa area so everyone’s living in peace and harmony na. 😉

  4. Good! It’s about time that place addresses the infestation. At sincere din ang sagot ko about practicing where electric fans and windows are kept shut.

  5. The first week I was in Mysore… I got sick because there was this nasty virus roaming around the shala… plus, when you get 70+ people in one place practicing and sweating, some blowing their noses… you’ll surely get the bug unless your immune system is super strong. tapos mapupunta ka pa dun sa space ng me virus…. good luck!

  6. Am well now. Ginger, oral antiseptic, and headstand did the trick. =) Still couldn’t let go of the wall though. Tried doing it on my spot, at home, daming frames ang muntik na mabasag, he he.

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