Necessity Is the Mother of Invention…

…and of culinary skills, at least in my case. Lately I have been craving for certain tastes–hot and spicy last Wednesday, hot and sour Thursday (paksiw na ampalaya to be specific), tomato-y sour Friday, and curry last night. Really weird for a sweet tooth like me. Hope this is not just hormonal, as my doctor has been telling me for the longest time to shift my food preference from sweet to bitter. Hot and spicy and sour aren’t ideal either but there’s a shift, in the wrong direction though nonetheless away from diabetes-inducing saccharine.

None of my cravings were satisfied except last Wednesday when I had vegetable curry–bean sprouts, native cabbage, and tofu–at Dona Juanita in Kapitolyo, Pasig. It was so good (plus the place was quaint) that I wanted to have another curry dish last night. So this is what I have come up with today, another version of vegetable curry (thanks to Teacher Pio) . I still have to perfect though the blend of spices. “It smells good.” That’s all my household members could say, ha ha! But I so love the cauliflower in “secret curry sauce”. YUMMY!

Β curry1


Getting there….


5 thoughts on “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention…

  1. Me naman was craving Indian food last Saturday until yesterday. We had no intention of braving the rush hour traffic last night to have dinner in Makati though, so we went to Banana Leaf at Podium. It was good, but it wasn’t the flavor I was looking for. Imagine my dismay when my boyfriend went to the top floor of Podium to pay his Globe bill and I saw that there was New Bombay up there pala! I was SOOOO frustrated. 😦 I should just follow your lead and learn to cook the food I want…

  2. Didn’t know either that there’s an Indian resto at the Podium. It’s so near VYC. Tara, vegetarian food trip tayo minsan! πŸ˜‰ BTW, Teacher Pio will be holding a vegetarian cooking class on December 6. Interested?

  3. Yes yes yes to both! πŸ™‚ Sige, let’s plan a food trip one of these weekends. I actually want to try a vinyasa class so will probably try to find a class at VYC I can attend. Yun nga lang, weekend or lunchtime during the week dapat so it won’t conflict with my work sched. I’ll let you know once I find a class I can attend. Maybe I’ll see you there? πŸ˜‰ See you soon!

  4. Sure! Just let me know when. I emailed you my contact number. If okay with you, I’ll invite Yogini in Manila (Jane) so that you two can finally meet. See you real soon! πŸ˜‰

    Anyone out there who wants to join us in (veg) food trip?

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