Yoga Makes News

Received a text message from Joanne earlier about this article which appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer:  Yoga Forbidden for Muslims in Malaysia. The source did not explain though how yoga could cause them to “deviate from their faith” (Islam). (Ben, buti hindi ka pa nakoko-convert; otherwise, goodbye ashtanga ka na 😉 )

Yogis will make good soldiers, or so the Indian dailies say: Warrior Pose Turns Indian Yoga Soldiers into Deadly FoesThe latest addition to the training program of the Indian armed forces is yoga training, which is helping to keep them in a fit-to-fight condition. (Jon, career option? 😀 )


16 thoughts on “Yoga Makes News

  1. This is the topic of my next post! =D I was walking at the mall yesterday morning and passed by a magazine shop and the papers had this as the headline. I bought copies of two different english papers agad. Hahaha.

    Main argument is that yoga has its roots in Hinduism and that it’s practice tends to be a distraction from the Muslim faith. I’ll post more info soon.

  2. Chona
    A friend of mine who”s a devout Christian told me that the reason she cant join me in yoga despite unsuccessful attempts to get her to join me in my classes is because she”s forbidden by her pastor 😦

  3. Looking forward to your post, Ben!

    Thanks for dropping by Lyn! Haven’t seen you in a while…but then, I have been attending the evening class lately.

    Isipin ko mabuti reaction ko sa issue. For now, AUM…SHANTI…SHANTI…SHANTI….

  4. You know, I think I went to school with Ben…Ben, do you have brothers named Ben-Paul and Ben-John? Not sure if we were on the swim team together…hahaha or am I completely off?

  5. AVRIL?!!??! Hey! Yup, they’re my brothers! I remember you! And yes, we were on the swim team waaaaay back. Oh man, the world is getting so small that it’s scary. Haven’t heard from you in, what, 10 years? Hahaha. Nice to hear from you!

    Chona, panalo ‘tong blog mo, nagiging social network pa! Hopefully I get to post today. I was too busy at work that I just slept the moment I got home yesterday.

  6. The world gets smaller when you get older…WAAAAAAAHHH! 😉 When are you coming home, Ben? Sama ka samin ni Avril mag food trip? (which reminds me, o, Avril when are you free? Cooking class has been moved to 13th December, fyi.) Would want to ask you guys if you want us to practice together when Ben comes home…but i’m not sure if i’m ready to do full ashtanga…but I can always do my own routine (which is chopseuyoga, he he).

  7. Game! Paging Jon, ikaw, kailan uwi mo? Para isang yogimik na lang. Paging Jane, ikaw, kailan ka mag resign? Ha ha! 😉 Ang work kasi nakakasira sa yoga life.

  8. “Ang work kasi nakakasira sa yoga life.” -> Hay nako, you said it!
    Thankfully though, I’ll be on leave from December 20 – January 4 so food and yoga anytime between then is great for me. 🙂 Unfortunately Chona, the 13th is our office Christmas party and I’ll be preparing for that earlier on in the day, so I doubt I’ll be able to attend the cooking class. Yes please though, let’s get together to meet, eat and practice! (I’m interested to see the chopsueyoga – masarap bang kainin yan? 🙂 )

    Ben, I can’t believe that’s really you after all this time! Wow, Malaysia, layo mo! I checked out your Multiply though and you look happy naman, so I guess it’s a good thing. 🙂 Can’t wait to do yoga with you when you get back!

    So…Jon? Jane? Join kayo?

  9. Avril! Yup, it’s nice here. I actually told myself na “two years lang” when I got here but it looks like it’ll be more than that. =D

    Si Jon ‘ata masyadong busy sa pranayama niya. Don’t worry, he’ll teach us naman eh so OK lang. Hahaha, hi Jon! If I’m not mistaken though, he’ll be in Manila by mid-December and in Davao before I arrive in Manila on the 23rd.

  10. Ngek, so you won’t see each other here in Pinas? When are you flying back to Malaysia?

    Hmmm, so we’ll have yoga, pranayama, jalaneti, vegetarian meal…. 😉

  11. Its been a while Chona since I went to VYC, lately I’ve been drawn to ashtanga kasi…miss our teacher Pio though. Hope to see you sometime in class or workshops 😀

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