Yoga Everywhere



yoga and caffeine?



yoga and ham sandwich?

yoga and ham sandwich?





yoga and beef noodle soup?

yoga and beef noodle soup?


6 thoughts on “Yoga Everywhere

    • Oooh…not yet. Beginning to compile ads with yoga as their theme. In most of them I do not see the connection between yoga and the products endorsed. Yet to see one where yoga is mindfully, appropriately used and the ad tastefully done.

  1. In Mysore, from what I’ve heard, Guruji told people to drink coffee before practice.. “for courage”… especially in kapotasana, hehehe.

  2. Yes, Crissy, we thought so too 😉

    Really Jon? I need courage AND caffeine in kapotanasa (for those interested to know what kind of ‘animal’ it is, here’s the link Now I know why I fell when I was I made to do it…no caffeine, only courage! Ha ha! By the way, I thought this pose was called full camel. =D

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