Yoga Everywhere Part 2

I am no fan of boxing, neither of Manny Pacquiao, but cheers to him and to the Filipino people who all feel like winners in today’s The Dream Match.

Last year, a friend was dismayed with the results of the quick and dirty survey she conducted as to who our youth’s modern-day hero is. You guess it: Manny Pacquiao was the top answer. Andres Bonifacio must have turned in his grave. But then I can’t blame our young people. Maybe Manny is the only prominent figure they see who plays it clean and can bring our crime rate down to zero (during his match, that is, based on the 2006 data).  And shame on the older generations who are supposed to be the role models of our youth!

Congratulations as well to Karylle. I am no fan of hers either but she did a very good rendition of our national anthem—with pride and dignity. She missed some notes, fine, but at least not the lines of the song. And she did not belt it out either as if she were a contender in a talent search.


While waiting for the match to be aired (read: putting up with godzillions of commercials!), I received a text from a friend-yogini that read: Napanood ko na ang Boysen commercial…comedy naman pala. My thought bubble: Bakit, pang action-thriller-romance-drama ba si Teacher? She knew that our yoga teacher Pio auditioned for the role of the painter but did not make it. When I saw the ad, my initial disappointment turned into relief. Yoga for a healthy home…odorless, antibacterial paint? 

Here are some more ads. Except for one, they’re not aired in the Philippine television. (Hmmm, I miss Horlicks candies!)








5 thoughts on “Yoga Everywhere Part 2

  1. Odorless paint and antibacterial?..who said so that paint brand?…I saw the paint brand website regarding that latest paint. They said the paint is low in odor but not odorless, low VOC and lead free. The paint underwent the MICROBAN TECHNOLOGY and so how can you create synthetic colors without lead or some other metals?…So irresponsible for a yoga teacher to do the ad. How can someone inhale or breath inside the room when somebody is painting?…What kind of posture does the teacher is projecting?…MONEY POSE maybe…

    • Hi Sandy. Thanks for dropping by.

      Just to set the facts straight. The ad claims it IS odorless: Boysen® Healthy Home™ is a odor-less, low VOC, premium acrylic, water-based interior coating with exclusive Microban® antibacterial protection to give extra defense against bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, as well as mildew and fungus. (source:

      The yogins in the cast (whom I do not know personally) could have researched on the product they would be endorsing and see if it fits well their value system. But this omission (which is just my presumption by the way) does not indicate their motives for doing the ad. We can only judge someone’s action but never his/her motive.

      Even so, it is not fair to judge someone’s action without understanding the context. From what I heard from those who auditioned, the ad agency first announced its need for “authentic yogins”. Next thing it did was to ask those shortlisted to demo certain poses; then the final casting. No story board was shown along the way (until perhaps the actual shoot–not sure if it was shown to them at all). And I don’t think anyone of them is in professional modeling to bother to insist on seeing the story board before getting into the project.

      Let’s not be so quick to pass judgment on others lest we be judged on the same measure.


  2. Well first… I’ve been taught not to breath through the mouth… they are all exhaling through the mouth… it wasn’t really funny. :-/

    2nd, it’s like saying, “you people pay 500 pesos to do these weird poses… I just paint and I can even do more than what you can do.” Where’s the yoga?

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