I walked on the old path

On a cold night

Drenched unbelievably.


It was like the first time.

Joyful pain.

Serene ecstasy.


The fervor of my first love

Rekindled tonight.



Tonight was the first time I shared practice with a couple of dear yogini-friends since the year started. I don’t know what made our experience immensely delightful. Could it be that we just badly missed one another after the long yoga-less holiday? Could it be the novelty of doing yoga outdoor, beside a pool, under the stars?


Or could it be the right combination of compassion and command? Could it be the discovery that you can do more…or you can do it right…or you still have a lot to learn? Could it be just being fully present in the moment? Whatever it was, I certainly felt “that thing” again, that which I had the very first time I did yoga and made me keep coming back…but which I have lost for a time. For a very long time.


6 thoughts on “Rekindled

  1. compassion and command indeed. what a fine teacher you gifted us with, chon. and yes, the discovery that i have a lot to learn, but somehow feeling that i will finally learn.

    the pool, the stars, my friends and the teacher gift. i can’t wait till the 24th!

    • Yes! Can’t wait, too!

      The teacher gift…if only we could be selfish not to let him enjoy the “prada of the yoga institutes”…I just wish someday he’ll find in his heart the compassion to come back to his good ol’ tsinelas. 😛 😦 😀 –> mixed emotions, ha ha!

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