Off to Bacolod

8:00 am

I’m now at the airport waiting to board for my trip to Bacolod, with my laptop and yoga mat. Will be back on Sunday. “Make sure you practice otherwise you will feel the pain in kurmasana,” YT said.


Well, that is, if I do the pose right, and if I do the pose at all, he he. But he continued, “Yogins should have no attachment to the ups and downs of the practice.” Premonition?

Last yoga class was Saturday. I was sick Sunday; had gentle yoga Monday and did self practice last night at home. I was so frustrated. I bruised my right forearm with my jump-throughs (that never “went through”) no thanks to my right knee, which I could not manage to fold up, thus it kept hitting my arm. Binding didn’t come easy either, if at all (although I was already forewarned long ago by another YT that binding come and go). Breathing was shallow throughout my practice. Sigh.

Detachment. Sigh again.

Did not really intend to bring my yoga mat, as I planned to either work or sleep during downtime. Well, downtime may just prove to be the best time for downdog, who knows?

The moon last night was not at its full, but still it was bright and beautiful.


2:30 pm

Just came back from lunch at Aboy. They served fresh spring roll, taro leaves in coconut milk, and steamed mushrooms. We had locally made ice cream for dessert. Thanks to my gracious hosts and the restaurateur, who gave us a warm welcome, for that sumptuous vegetarian lunch! 

The last time I visited my host-organization in October 2008, I made a declaration that I have turned vegetarian. They were in denial initially so they kept serving seafood and meat (plus we were a big group of visitors then most of whom were carnivores). 


10 pm

Now back to my room. Had a short practice at 5:30–suryas, standing poses, seated postures sans the vinyasa, and closing sans the inversions, so it’s more like my chopseuyoga–so I could make it to dinner at 7pm at Bob’s.

I had cream of asparagus soup (with meat stock I was sure, I could taste it, hay!) and not-so-healthy salad. =( Since Greek and Raspberry Salad were both unavailable, I thought Nicoise was a good compromise–at least the eggs and tuna bits were not tossed with the greens. Had Opera for dessert–yummy! But host said Calea is still the best 😉

Breakfast in the next four days will not be healthy. Brought with me processed beans and noodles, which I thought are better options than freshly home-cooked tocino, tapa, and sausage–the standard menu in the training center where I am staying. 

Sigh. I miss attending class.


2 thoughts on “Off to Bacolod

    • Hi Marilou! Thanks for dropping by and for you kind words. I visit Bacolod occasionally and often my schedule is full, if not unpredictable, so I just bring my mat with me and practice in my room. However, Ms. Gigi Tordesillas teaches yoga at TU Square. I was fortunate to have attended one of her classes. Have you been back home lately?

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