Day 2 in Bacolod


Workshop today was called off so all of a sudden I had an “extra day” at hand to make up for my backlogs. I finished a case, which, after a little editing, would be ready for submission via email. Indeed, technology is a gift.

Had canned baked beans for breakfast. Told you….

I had an almost vegetarian lunch at 21 Restaurant–yes, the adverb ‘almost’ is placed where it should be. Almost vegetarian. Had laswa and apan-apan, both specialty food here in Bacolod I was told (are they, M?) . Laswa is soup made of squash, okra, string beans, tomato, loofah, and native spinach…with shrimps. Apan-apan is sauteed water cabbage…with shrimp paste and pork. A cup of coffee, lots of chocolates, good brushing,  and four hours later, I still have the aftertaste in my mouth. Argh! But I am sure any carnivore would enjoy this place–several choices of meat dishes, far from ordinary fares, but at reasonable prices…like roasted lamb at Php200+. Poor lamb though.

Will practice after this blog to have a feeling of some kind of detox. Hosts promised to bring me to Calea tonight. Yahoo! That’s the place of lovely desserts, ha ha!  Will buy fruits  on my way home for tomorrow’s breakfast.


12:00 am

Practice, check. Calea, check. Chocolate cake, double check. Fruits, zilch. Stands would have been closed by the time we get there, plus host-driver is too drunk to drive me anywhere else but home.

Just got back to my room. Too tired to write about what happened tonight but in a gist: 1) I need to detox when I get back to Manila. Seriously. 2) I feel so normal and invigorated after spending time with people who want the same things for our country as I do. They said we will spend our retirement years somewhere in Palawan building a Utopic community of marginalized people rising out of poverty of different forms, from economic to spiritual…and yes, yoga and a wellness center are part of the plan…and of course, they said these things after their 10th bottle of beer. Usapang lasing, in short. But tomorrow morning, they won’t be drunk anymore yet they will continue to live out their mission to alleviate poverty, one way or another.



2 thoughts on “Day 2 in Bacolod

  1. Hi Avril! Jon asked me if I want to learn dhauti but I am not sure if I can do it. We’ll see.

    Worst case, I’ll do my usual cleansing — 1 liter of apple juice per day for 5 days (just add this to normal daily food and liquid intake) and 2 cups of EVO oil and lemon/calamansi extract (1:1 ratio) combined + 1 tsp epsom salt, taken at 8pm and 10pm (1 cup each time) on the 5th night, with fast starting at 6pm. I just have to stay home on the 6th day–the first time I did this, I had to go to the john 21 times in 12 hours .

    Learned this from my acupuncturist. 😉

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