Day 3 in Bacolod

6:30 am

Woke up with a bum stomach. Ayan kasi…. Will try to keep myself healthy today because tomorrow is my big day. No, not that it’s Valentine’s; it’s my turn to run the workshop sessions the entire day.


11:30 am

Had pancit bam-i for brunch, another Bacolod specialty. I HEART BAM-I noodles! I’ll see if I can bring home some. Dulce de leche (made of carabao’s milk and sugar) and watermelon for dessert…by now you must have figured out I am a dessert person, he he.

Now, back to work….


6 thoughts on “Day 3 in Bacolod

  1. dulce de leche? in what form? We used to call something there dulce gatas. i guess what you had is something more sophisticated.

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