A Poem by Joyce Rupp

(Sorry, I couldn’t find the source so no acknowledgment here.)  


I do not wrestle anymore

Only wait, only wait….

I keep myself available to be found.

Not hiding in my fears

Or in my busyness or my ego-centeredness,

Not absorbed in my pain or in my anxieties

That I evade the searching love of the one

Who yearns to help me find my way home.


7 thoughts on “A Poem by Joyce Rupp

  1. Reminds me of how in The Wisdom of Yoga by Stephen Cope it talks about how you are never lost. You are always “here”. Instead of looking for the world, you have to let the world find you. 🙂

    Nice sentiment and one I really need to remember more often. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. HI Avril! I think that’s what our virtual yoga community is for–mutual support. I found this poem in my journal which I started last year (it contains all other things that cannot be posted in this blog 😉 ) and as I read it now, it takes on a different meaning…and speaks to me on different levels, from my relationship with the Divine to my mysore practice (“do not wrestle anymore” when teacher adjusts you, ha ha!).

    I’m going this Saturday, hope to see you there! 😉

    • Thanks, derdo!

      Why I suspect I was male in my past life? Blame E and J for that…they said I am “more male” than most males they know…coming from men. And because I hate shopping, which happens to be the bonding time of my all-girl family, my sister once asked me “babae ka ba talaga?” 😀

  3. you know sisters. I was always teased that I was adopted. But lo and behold, from a distance, a madre friend of my sister whom I’d never seen before that day in 1979 shouted our family name. I couldn’t even make out her face from that distance. As for your hating shopping, well “babae ka nga ba talaga?”

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