And This Award Goes to….

Nah, this is not an Oscars hangover. But if I were to award a Best in After-Sale Service, I’d give it to Aura Athletica hands down. You see I bought this Proud Mary yoga bag from the store in April last year (see photo below courtesy of Jane taken during the fitness exhibit at Rockwell).


After only six months of use, that portion where the handles was sewn got, well, worn and torn. I was deeply disappointed–the bag wasn’t cheap and I couldn’t imagine how heavy my yoga rug and workout clothes could get to actually cause such a damage. Anyway, I decided to try my luck and brought my bag to Aura Athletica to see what they could do. I know, they’re just a distributor of Proud Mary and technically not accountable for product performance of their consignors, but Aura was kind enough to return my bag to the manufacturer. Now, I have a bag as good as new! 

Thanks also to Miss Marissa Babagay who facilitated the entire process. She was very patient with my constant follow-ups and diligent in keeping me posted of any development (I hope management would reimburse the cost of several text messages she had sent me, ha ha!). 

Finally, thanks to Proud Mary for great customer service.


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