Yoga Manila Photo Shoot

Thanks Yoga Manila, particularly the Ortigas team of Teacher Connie and Teacher Jon, for this opportunity to capture yogic moments in class. It was both fun and challenging (ay, biglang nag release ng pose…naku yung paa ni teacher nasa frame….). These are just some of my favorite. 







7 thoughts on “Yoga Manila Photo Shoot

    • Thanks Mel and Jon! Tara, project tayo ng yoga calendar for 2010 😉 May mga tao talaga na kahit anong angle, ang ganda mag register sa camera. And I like taking pictures of people in action because they’re very real, expressions/emotions are genuine. Will bring your CD copies on Wednesday, including Avril’s.

  1. Yoga calendar? Huy, I proposed that to Peachie, Kitty and Connie some time ago…in fact I’m meeting with Connie and Berta F. this weekend to discuss that. Chona want to come? Your input can be very valuable especially since you’re an avid photog and more importantly, yoga addict, este practitioner 😉

    Also, I think you should post your images on the Yoga Manila website para naman may representation ang Ortigas shala sa YM homepage.

    • Thanks for inviting but I won’t be back in Manila until Saturday night. Just let me know how I can be of help to you. Oh, by the way, I took the shoot last Saturday precisely for YM. I just “stole” some shots for my blog, he he. 😉

  2. Hi Chona,

    Got the CD! Thanks so much! They’re beautiful…my very first yoga pics. 😀 Love the calendar idea and I’m sure it would do very well for YM.

    It was great seeing you that week. We never really have a lot of time to talk, so it was nice just to chat with you for a bit. Glad you got to meet Ryan din. Haha first class niya talaga and may pics na siya! Thanks again!

    See you soon?

    • You’re welcome Avril! Glad you like them 🙂 Yup, I’ll be in YM one of these Saturdays in April, trips have been moved to May. See you and Ryan!

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