Food Find: Vegetarian Maki!

I ♥ maki and I shamelessly blog about it. It’s one of my sense/pleasure-driven reasons (if not the only one) for breaking my vow not to eat living things that exhale carbon, as I shared here. Boy, am I glad to find for the first time vegetarian maki in Teriyaki Boy. Not just one but two! 😉 Yup, and I tried both. Saigon Maki is fried onion, raw cucumber, carrot, and juansoy, wrapped in rice and nori (as if you don’t know). Cinco de Mayo is roasted red pepper with cream cheese and sesame seeds. Servings were generous. Not sure if they really were yummy or if I was just starving or if I was just immensely enjoying mealtime with my mom. But will surely try them again, at least for photos, he he.

the usual tuna roll but I hope to replace this photo with the real thing soon

pictured here is salmon roll but I hope to replace this photo with the real thing soon


2 thoughts on “Food Find: Vegetarian Maki!

  1. Hmnnn… was craving for Chinese fried noodles on my way back from Makati, but remembered that I still have bread in the fridge… so I fixed myself another tofu sandwich and munching it now while reading my mails.

    Totally not related to your post but what the heck, we’re talking about food here, hehehe.

    • He he, looking forward to your kitcherie later, Chef Jon! At least healthy pa rin ang cravings mo.

      That morning when I woke up I was already craving for crunchy Spam (branded pa talaga…I used to make that in my past life), fried chicken, beef burger, and pork sinigang. Really insane! It must be the moon, ha ha! 😀

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