Film Find: Culture Unplugged Video

I am a lecturer in a business school where the motto is “our country is our business”  and I used this film as material in the midterm exam I gave my students. Let’s see what they will come up with on Monday when they’re supposed to submit their papers. Even if they would not be able to pose the most brilliant research questions (which I asked them to do) but at least become aware of painful realities from which the new generation is often sheltered, maybe, just maybe, we can defeat one of our society’s biggest enemy called apathy. I am actually appalled by some comments in the original site…such as “I don’t feel guilty with what I have now because I work hard for it” (in the first place the film wasn’t meant to make anyone feel guilty). And “the guy has could have taken on another job…it’s his choice” (so the poor choose to be poor?). Well, if apathy and good intentions were turned into action…ah! 
What happens (hopefully there is) after watching this film could very well be “yoga off the mat.”

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