blog1I think this is one word that nobody finds easy to utter.

When do you hold on and when do you let go? When do you give something a good fight and when do you just surrender? When do you give another chance and when do you say “that’s it…goodbye”?

And when you are finally able to say it, is it for real? Or deep inside there is still the hope that things would take a different turn? That longing that someday…maybe, someday….

But this one is for real and for good.

I wish you well. I know everyone would be better off this way. And I know he can and will love and take care of you better than I did in the past. You, in turn, will live a more meaningful and happier life.

Goodbye, Kermit.


Kermit and the new master (in ways more than one)

Kermit and the new master (in ways more than one)




7 thoughts on “Goodbye

    • Pwede pa silang magtabi, practice ka sa UP. Dun yata siya ia-assign ni Jon. Kaso dapat tabi kayo ni Jon sa class niya, he he. =D

  1. Hi Chona! I noticed that wear is beginning to show on my Jade mat and I’m thinking about getting a Manduka Eko when the time comes to replace it.

    What was your experience with Kermit?
    What did you think of him?
    If you don’t mind, may I ask why you decided to give him up for adoption (if you do mind, feel free to ignore my question hehe)?

    Thanks and hope to see you soon!

    • Hi Avril! I had Kermit when I was still doing vinyasa, where we were encouraged to roll out our rugs/towels only during seated poses. And since I sweat like a pig, when I reached this part of our sequence, gumagapang na ako sa lusak literally. Kermit doesn’t absorb water, that’s one. But now that I am doing ashtanga, I can roll out my rug on top of my mat right away so that shouldn’t be a problem.

      However, I used to leave Kermit behind the vinyasa studio and take him home only on weekends. I take public transpo so it’s such a hassle to carry a 7-lb. mat around. It’s much heavier than the usual yoga mat. Second point.

      Finally, Kermit doesn’t provide the kind of cushion I want in my practice. I feel whenever I do downdog, para akong nagyoyoga sa EDSA. It feels like an asphalt road! Really. On the other hand, when Jon tried it his reaction was “it’s soft!” With that, I knew Kermit rightfully belongs to him, haha!

      As to where you can get manduka eko, a few months ago they were on display in Certified Calm but the last time I checked they ran out of stock already. I got mine from the US.

      Hope that helps…maybe we can ask Jon about his experience with Kermit. Parang happy naman siya. Right, Jon?

  2. Thanks, dear. Haha ganda ng nagyoyoga sa EDSA! But yeah, weird how some people daw find it hard and others don’t. Some pa nga say it’s like sandpaper and others say it’s smooth. Okay, must now decide: Eko brought in from the US, wait for CC to get new stock – although I wonder when that will be pa, or get the Prolite nalang from YM. Hmmm…decisions decisions…

    Anyhow, thanks again!

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