Go Green!

“Preparing meals with a small carbon footprint is good for the climate…” so goes Bryan Walsh in Time Magazine (click here for his full article). I have been reading and writing about carbon footprint for some time now for a company that wants to check its environment-friendliness, what with its fuel consumption and gas emission…but meals with carbon footprints?

Read on: “Foods that require a lot of energy to produce–like beef–leave bigger carbon footprints. It may be hard to believe that a meal at McDonald’s produce more carbon than your trip to the drive-through.” The author says that while a 4-oz. steamed vegetables leave only 0.18 lb. of carbon footprint and pasta of the same serving size, 0.39 lb., an equivalent size grilled steak contributes 10.5 lb. of carbon.


And with the swine flu causing global concern these days, it makes more sense to go green, eat greens.

On a personal note, eating greens has also simplified my life in a way. As a Christian, I am supposed to observe fasting and abstinence (F&A) during Lent and Advent. Once I was bothering a yogin-friend, who is also a Christian, about the technicalities of F&A (until what age, how it translates into food servings, etc.). Although she graciously answered all my questions, she said in the end “What’s your problem? You’re a vegetarian. You do abstinence all the time. And if you were to follow Jon‘s suggestion that a yogin must eat only a handful and a half of food a day, that will very well fit into the definition of fasting.” Yup! That is, if I do F&A only for compliance, but that’s another issue. 

Ok, so I plead guilty. I had my carbon footprint calculated based on my lifestyle (click here for calculator) and here’s the result:


Hmm…I think I should cut down on my air travel…(Rose, ferry na lang tayo going to Coron?)


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