To the Great Violinist

“The beauty of music lies not on the violin but on the skill of the violinist.” So I rationalized when friends advised me to invest in an SLR if I want to take photography seriously. Kuripot that I am, I allot only a certain portion of my income to hobbies and an SLR is way beyond my budget.  Besides, I am happy with my aim-and-shoot, 3-year-old digital camera. Of course, my friends are my friends so the arguing did not end there.

And guess what. A few days later, another friend posted this link: 

The video does not only support my argument; more importantly, it also drives home several other lessons in life. I couldn’t help but be amazed with how the clip presented the teacher-student connection. Very Eastern. (right, Jon? =)

I cannot claim credit for my line though. Decades ago in a retreat, the speaker likened God to a great violinist. He said that once there was a great violinist who sold his expensive violin just so he could indulge in his vices. When the time came that he wanted to start his life all over, he got a cheap, worn out violin from a garage sale so he could perform again. His followers, though faithful, were cynical if he were as any good as he was in the past, given that he no longer had the “master’s violin.” And he did not disappoint them. The speaker said that just as the great violinist can make beautiful music out of a worn out violin, so can God create something beautiful out of our imperfect, broken lives. 

Alhamdoolillah. Hallelujah. Praise be to God, who is both the doer and the enjoyer of all things. (BG 2.47 and 3.27)


2 thoughts on “To the Great Violinist

  1. Sometimes timing is everything. I have never looked at the tags under “My Account” here at WordPress, but I did today and came across your beautiful post. Absolutely stunning.

    God’s speed on your yoga journey, and keep loving that old camera.

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