My Saturday Night Is Made of These


moist fudge brownie, a cup of hot camomile tea, and a glossy magazine


I worked for three straight days beginning Wednesday with only four to five hours of sleep (and mealtimes and toilet breaks) in between. I wrote two cases and have to write two more next week (and now on weekend I still find myself writing…write or die, Chona!). So I rewarded myself with Xocolat: Java, dark chocolate with cashew nuts; Adult, dark rum and Belgian xoco chunks; and Peanut Butter (I know, I said I wasn’t a PB fan but they ran out of the two other kinds and I already had Original Sin before). So there, one for each day I worked, ha ha!

Halved the Adult; a whole is just too much. Maybe I’ll blog later which of the three I like best.


very pretty packaging



Yoga in the City by Rudolph Ian Alama

Photos by Bob Mata

Yogi positions demonstrated by Jonathan Cagas (woot!woot!)

This article published in m. Life and Living in Mindanao is about James Fritz Freire’s “mission to spread in his native Mindanao…a way of life called the Yoga.”

Here are some excerpts:

“His foray into yoga came when he was searching for other disciplines to train their bodies for dancing. ‘During that time, the Yoga Foundation of the Philippines was looking for students to promote yoga in schools. I applied and was chosen….’ 

“Aside from conducting yoga classes…he tries to teach yoga to schoolchildren…. One of his plans is to conduct free yoga clinic in the barangays.

“‘…I think there are still people from our area who don’t really know what yoga is. Many still think it is a cult while others think that it is contrary to their Christian beliefs, when in fact yoga and Christianity share many basic philosophies.'” 


Got my copy (thanks M!) from Fully Booked. Didn’t do yoga today. Reading about it makes up for not practicing? He he….

I just thought Jon should have been included in the Special Feature “Sons of the South, A Glance at the Modern Mindanawon”, he being a true-blooded anak ng Mindanao. 😉 But then again…well, grab a copy so you’ll know why.


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