So Close to Om

Subtitle: When Breathing Doesn’t Seem to Do the Trick

I am so tempted to chant om when someone in class is…

…Wearing strong smelling perfume; worse, spraying it on while inside the shala. There is such a thing as personal space–something we all need to respect.

…Moaning. If you’re in pain, try biting your lips. Or try ujjayi breathing.

…Talking aloud during practice as if everyone in the shala would like to hear what one has to say; worse, whining to yoga teacher.

…Getting into utthita hasta padangushtasana mindlessly. Stepping back a little wouldn’t affect one’s practice…being considerate of others wouldn’t hurt either. Β 

…Watching other practitioners; worse, evaluating their practice.Β 

…Flipping the stick mat, especially if someone is in savasana. I know it’s sticky but hey, there’s a way of unrolling the mat without being rude.

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5 thoughts on “So Close to Om

  1. more on etiquette…

    for utthita hasta & supta padangustasana especially in a led class: look to the person on your right and adjust your position on the mat accordingly

    for chakrasana, make sure there is enough space between where your feet will land and the face of the person behind you


    • Thanks Trin! I think your tip for chakrasana also applies in jump-throughs, only that in this case, consider the face of the person in front of you. Once I was doing my preps for Urdhva Danurasana then ka-blag! (may sound effect? parang sa old Batman TV series, ha ha!). Feet landed beside my head, no casualty naman, πŸ™‚ But now I remember–there was a time I was in prasarita and Jon was adjusting me, while the person next to me was getting into utthita hasta padangustasana. She fell on her side (my side) and hit Jon in the process, causing him to lose his balance. I felt sorry for him but was thankful at the same time. Imagine what could have happened to us if Jon weren’t there. 😦

      Woohoo! You’ll be in YT in the next couple of weeks, right? πŸ™‚ Have fun! Kwento!

  2. oh the perils! πŸ™‚

    yes, maraming kwento. will be in manila mid-sept and will definitely make time to see you guys!

    At sya nga pala, bakit nagmukhang robot na galit yung emoticon ko? hahaha…

    • Really? Let me know the dates! John Scott and Iyengar workshops from Sept 13-17 and Sept 14-20 respectively. Are you attending? =D

      As for your emoticon, okay na siguro yung galit na robot…yung iba mukhang germs sa TV ads. πŸ˜‰

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