Culinary Experiment

I just realized that I did my last serious cooking (read: an attempt to make decent vegetarian dishes) in January . So I started my long weekend by spending some time in the kitchen. Here are the outcomes.


pumpkin soup

meatless carbonara

meatless carbonara

Too rich a combination for a meal.

I also have to work on food styling/presentation. The bacon substitute sprinkled on top of pasta makes my carbonara look like pancit palabok only with white sauce … hmmm, maybe next time I could make vegetarian pancit palabok using pumpkin for the sauce and the bacon substitute for “chicharon” topping.


7 thoughts on “Culinary Experiment

    • di pa nga kami introduced ng tempeh, he he. the substitute is chunky?crispy? enough to add some texture to pasta, flavorful too. pwede na pandaya sa bacon. =D

  1. hi mam!

    you can try Bacos- bacon bits from betty crocker… it’s for vegetarian so no worries.. or pwede po shitake mushrooms.. Sarap po ng luto nyo! 🙂

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