Flowing with the Universe Part 2

These are my friends’ interpretations of what might have happened to me/us in the midst of super typhoon Pepeng.  


"Did you look back even once while on the bus? Yun pala kasunod niyo lang yung baha!"

"Did you look back even once while on the bus? Yun pala kasunod niyo lang yung baha!"


"Di kaya inanod kayo ng baha kaya pala ang bilis ng biyahe niyo? Surfing?!"

"Di kaya inanod kayo ng baha kaya pala ang bilis ng biyahe niyo? Surfing?!"

They suspected ours was the last bus that was able to get out of Baguio that unfortunate night. At 5 pm, I was texting someone that I was in Carmen and was told we’re safe already. By 7pm, that very same place of Carmen was underwater.  

As I recalled the details of my Ondoy and Pepeng experiences to my friends last night, I couldn’t help but be awed myself. Everything was serendipitous–from getting the right kind of bus (the old-fashioned buses have engine near the passengers’ seating area in front while the modern kind has its engine at rear near the mufflers; got on the former one thus we were ale to brave the flood, proving that new is not always better), to a good Samaritan appearing from nowhere to give us directions, to making the last possible turn at a corner (otherwise we would have been stuck for days in flood), to making it to (possibly the last) bus on time, etc.

Man can sure decide to make things happen…but there are also things that happen purely by God’s design. God must have reasons why I survived these tragedies. And that purpose I must serve. With a grateful heart.


P.S. My friend said it was good that I was into yoga…otherwise, I might have gone hysterical being stuck in a bus for 16 hours.

P.P.S. We, vegetarians are likewise badly hit… prices of veggies in the market now  are thrice (300%) the pre-typhoon level. Even sweet potato tops and water cabbage that grow in backyards are not spared by inflation. DUH?!


5 thoughts on “Flowing with the Universe Part 2

  1. Wow, Chona. Very humbling and full of hope. 🙂
    Thanks very much for this. You know it is an extremely helpful read, especially after feeling another earthquake! I just hope that I’m serving my purpose, even without knowing what it is exactly!

    Take care!

    • Trin! Thanks. Yeah, read about the earthquake and I’m glad you’re okay. The yogins are sending you their warm regards–lomen, joy, and gene. Had lunch with them.

      We attended Jeanie Javelosa’s meditation session earlier today at YMO and she said a very beautiful closing prayer, which went something like this “Let us thank the earth for this opportunity to (live in it?)…may we live our purpose not only for ourselves but also for those people around us.” Aum.

    • Guess what, Trin. While I was looking for weather update on TV this morning, I chanced upon a live airing of Mass where the priest said, “How would you know if you still have a mission on earth? If you are still alive. And if God gives you another day to live, it could be that you don’t really need it; it’s just that somebody still needs you.”


  2. Re veggie prices, baka may middleman – Trinidad Valley. Once saw on TV a delivery of veggies to Trinidad Valley. Husband and I were stunned. Wonder where those veggies came from that were delivered to the Vegetable Bowl of the PHilippines. Wonders never cease.

    • “Why do we believe in our hearts that only the devil sees opportunities in calamities….” to quote a friend (na madalas alaskado sa youtube but really makes a lot of sense, he he)

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