Back Pain


Nah, not that I can do pasasana above. I just need a photo of a back for visual effects and found this impressive photo of Jon

Been experiencing back pain since two weeks ago when I arrived in Baguio. I thought it was just due to the long land travel without the benefit of going to the john plus dehydration because I knew I wouldn’t be going to the john in hours. 

Came back home but the pain was still on and off. Then I thought it could be the mattress…so I went to sleeping on a wooden bed to give my back a good stretch a la savasana. Didn’t work. Still there.

Pain has been particularly excruciating after spending hours on computer. So I started blaming my chair, the table, even my computer…but hey, I have been working with these things for years already. Couldn’t be the culprit.

Last night during practice, it took me a while to get into plough (photo still courtesy of Jon) in preparation for chakrasana. Waaaah! My back seemed to break!  


Today, pain is still there and it’s not the morning-after-yoga kind. So I searched for the psychological meaning of back pain, which ranges from the feeling of being not supported, to the experience of major changes in life, to denied depression.

Hmmm, let’s see. All I can do now is to wait for the my truth, and feelings, to reveal itself. Body dialogue isn’t working, at least not yet. My body is giving me a silent treatment, so to speak, he he.

For all I know, this could be due to lack of practice–I’m now down to twice a week, trying to get back to at least four times.

Oh well, the journey continues….


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