Three Years and a Few Lessons After

I was inspired, er, reminded by my friends’ FB status which said “Exactly 10 years ago, I did this and did that….” Now, my turn.

Exactly three years ago, I attended my very first yoga class, vinyasa/flow yoga, under Pio Baquiran at the Vinyasa Yoga Center. Now I do ashtanga in Yoga Manila under Jon Cagas (most of the time) and over this period I had tried other yoga styles in different studios, including Pulse Yoga and Iyengar Yoga Center Manila. And over this period, too, I had learned some life  lessons:

Yoga starts the moment one steps out of the mat.

The root of chaos is one’s sense of entitlement, regardless whether it is rightful or not.

Respect space–physical and psychological, one’s own and others’.

Know your place.  

Some days you can, other days you can’t. And life goes on.

Life becomes so much fun when one stops trying and starts breathing instead.

Brands don’t matter; discipline and dedication do.   

Life is about relationships, not transactions.

Growth is a painful process. It hurts. So what?

Thank you all who have been part of my yoga life–my teachers and classmates–who taught me these lessons. And I welcome those who will be part of it as this journey continues.


And I pray for my teachers, and their teachers, and all those who come before them. I pray for their blessing of light, life, and love. I thank the Lord for the beauty and benefits of yoga and I pray for the grace to use them for the service, love, and glory of the Lord, and for the good of mankind. Om.


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