Life’s All about Balance

That’s what’s on the wrapper of new Kitkat dark chocolate.

New finds: Kitkat dark chocolate and M&M orange. Rajas!


7 thoughts on “Life’s All about Balance

  1. Weird. I love dark chocolate, but somehow not on the Kitkat. It’s like the sweetness of the wafer is off on the bitterness of dark chocolate? Maybe it’s just me.

    what’re the orange M&M’s?

    • @Avril – I like the original Kitkat better 😉 . M&M’s orange–so orangy sweet that it’s overpowered the chocolatey taste.

      @Jon – Robinson’s supermarket. =D

    • Yuh, I think the bar tastes a lot better…kasi nag declare na si mommy “ayaw ko na nung original, akin na yung mga dark Kitkat” referring to the bars. All eight of them. Ha ha! Had to stock up, madali sya mawala sa supermarket.

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