Looking Back at 2009

I declared 15th of December my last day of work for 2009. Woohoo! When the Year of the Ox started, I psyched up myself to work hard because they said that’s what an ox symbolizes, it being known as a beast of burden. So looking back at 2009 and what the Chinese astrology predicted….

Career: There is a Travel Star coming in 2009. That’s the sign for touring distant or traveling abroad. In career, you might have more business trips to long distance or foreign country. TRUE! But local ones though. Did 17 out-of-town trips this year (that’s roughly every three weeks) and so was out o fteh house 15 percent of my calendar days. Never have traveled this often in my whole life. You will have extra work hours, but you don’t have extra income or additional compensation. You just have to do well for the company’s assignments. TRUE! And if I include the extra work in my rate, it would have been down to Php20/hour. Ha ha! Otherwise, you will be losing your reputation and losing your responsibility, even your position. The support from your friends in your job area is very limited. TRUE again! Some people just do what they feel like doing and not what they are supposed to do. Do not let your enemy attack your weakness. As long as focusing on your job duty, you shouldn’t get a big trouble.

Money: There is an Unlucky Star appearing in 2009, which will impact your expense area, in the year of the Cow. Many unexpected expense will come to you far beyond your budget, such as hour maintenance, car repair, travel expense, medical bill for yourself or family members. Medical bill is TRUE. Or your friends or relatives might borrow money from you. But that loan will never return. Oh yes! But I was able to collect after battling for payment for five long months. Anyway, do not underestimate your expense, watch for your wallet, think about your budget before spending in 2009.

Health: Another Unlucky Star appears in the health area. That means you have a chance to get hurt, sickYES! Was deaf for two weeks in June, injury-YES! Still waiting for my left arm to heal, accident or surgery. If you are a senior citizen, then you might have to visit doctors or hospital whenever you feel uncomfortable. Pay more attention outside, especially on driving to avoid the car accident. Good thing I don’t drive a car. Otherwise, car repairing and medical bill will cost you. Also, let yourself have adequate sleep daily to maintain a good health. If not, you will feel tired and no energy all day long. Your daily activities will be impact due to the poor health.

Love: Pig people will have passion to look for love in the Cow year. They have good mood to meet the people and treat people very nicely. Therefore, they have opportunities to meet opposite sex. However, the golden opportunity won’t come often. If you don’t focus and push yourself for social relationship, then you won’t get any progress in love relationship in the end of year. Hmmm, the Ox year is until February 2010, right? =D

It was a good year…a good, busy, fun year. And I thank God for that. Om.


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