Hot (Pink) Yoga

I want!

Here in the city where room temperature is around 20C (or 68F, with heater on) and I am not complaining. When I left Manila, temperature was at its  peak at 36C (97F). They say it might reach 40C (104F) during the summer months because of the phenomenon called El Nino. I’d say it’s because of climate change. Okay, back to yoga….

Didn’t bring my thick mat (I realized that my mats now, all four of them, are thick ones) as I wanted to travel light so I bought the cheapest mat I could find here (equivalent to Php450, not bad, but let’s see how long this play-dough-soft-like mat will last). There were only two colors though: pink and blue (like all the mats in the studio that I go to) so the choice was clear.

In this photo was my equally hot pink sweatshirt. I never thought that one day I’d wear a sweatshirt while doing ashtanga. And never did I think that one day I’d have a pink yoga mat. So unlike me.

Forward bends and twists are oh-so punishing, I swear! But surprisingly, my left arm do not hurt after practice. I still do no jump back though, after my left elbow popped last week while moving from Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana to Utkatasana.

And yeah, being warm and sweaty never felt this good!


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