Sick, but Happy, and Discerning

Haven’t practiced for two weeks already–the other week I was on out of town assignment (again) and last week I had respiratory viral infection. I would have gone to the studio but I thought I would be a disservice to everyone, if not with my virus infecting them, at least with my coughing distracting their meditation. Save for the two tablets of headache medicine, I did not take anything and relied on my body’s natural capacity to heal itself over the last seven days…plus healthy, fresh food, rest, lots of water, laughter, and love from people who care. Amazing how these things worked! Tomorrow, I hope to go back my studio practice.

Focus, focus, focus….so was my mantra at the start of the year. But opportunities present themselves in different forms so I am no longer sure if these are mere distractions (citta vrittis?) or the universe is simply leading me somewhere else. With so many uncertainties, I cannot really see myself and where I am going beyond April 30 (yes, within the next six days, that’s my longest timeline for now). Now living one day at a time. Listen, listen, listen…I guess this will be my new mantra.

But happy to have done a short practice today! With only a few bouts of barking, er, coughing. And to have finally made sense out of series of events that have started since Ondoy last year.


3 thoughts on “Sick, but Happy, and Discerning

    • Had to add credit…heard horror stories from Jane about her pictures getting stolen…plus the one that happened to me in FB =( Wala talagang sense of IP ang maraming tao. Sigh.

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