Me on DVDs

Born August 15, Leo

In the year of Metal Pig

And I realized this only after I burned these DVDs!

Dual Signs
Pig and Leo


You, a Leo/Pig, don’t quite resemble a pure Pig. Indeed, your combination possesses more ardor of will, more self-confidence, and also more aggressiveness.

You experience few setbacks in your life one would say that everything is granted to you in advance. Your chances are enormous and frequent, principally because of your rich creative possibilities, your sensitiveness, and your imagination, which you know marvelously how to exploit. Let’s not forget the essential role of money, which comes easily to you; your generosity and largesse facilitate your way to success in all fields.

Your professional life is marked with constructive action. Loving your ease and comfort, you obtain them without much difficulty thanks to a first-rate situation. You can become an enterprising and dynamic captain of industry (movie???!) or businessman/woman. It’s not difficult for you to get the limelight, to make a success of big affairs, or to realize huge incomes. (Ows? I’m destined to be rich and famous?!)

Generally, you get married late (my gawd! how late could it be???? I think my aggressiveness mentioned above does not translate in this area.) because you had numerous adventures in your early youth, and also because you’re profoundly attached to your family, notably to your mother (Oh yeah!). Love, just like prestige, plays a great role in the course of your destiny. (Talaga lang ha.) Whatever you may think, it’s in your home that you can find the most satisfactions. You adore your children, and they adore you too; they finally become your reason for living. (ha ha ha! Not the hubby, just like in many cases.)


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