Distraction, Detour, Discernment Part 2

Woke up early this morning to attend a workshop at 8:30 am, harassed with the heavy traffic caused by an accident? fire? (not sure) in Pasig, only to find out that the workshop was held last Friday. Yup, I missed an important date again by several days. What’s happening to me?!

But I was quick to think of Plan B this time- do what I was supposed to do in the afternoon so I could go home early. So I went to my Alma Mater to get the papers I would need for school come September and had a wonderful lunch with a friend, an unplanned one. And I even bumped into a long lost colleague whom I have been trying to contact in the last four years–yes, of all places, we met again at the university registrar. I felt I was at the exact places at the exact time the Universe intended me to be in today. That’s a lesson I still need to learn everyday of my life–to trust in the wisdom and kindness of the Universe, to believe that everything happens for a purpose, and hence, to be open to and to cooperate with the Big Hand.


Okay, we’re missing a whole story here. A lot of things have happened since Part 1 posted three weeks ago (May 25th). A couple of days after that post, an opportunity? another option? presented itself to me. The following week, I resigned from my job, ready to go back to school with only my savings to see me through the next couple of years. In a matter of days, I got a nod from my employer. Yet another couple of days later, my employer offered me a partial scholarship while allowing me to take a leave from teaching and to do some research work–absolutely a great deal!  Now, I just need to pass the application process. Everything is happening fast and smoothly. And yes, I need to remember to always be open to and to cooperate with the Big Hand. Om.


Leap, love, and laughter. That could be the flipside, the more positive version of distraction, detours, and discernment. It’s a matter of perspective. After all, happiness is a state of mind.

To leap, to love, to laugh–that’s what I failed to do thus I did not get to join my friends in the zipline. 😀

100kph, 200m, 70ft above the ground

Oh, and this trip in itself was a surprise. A friend invited me a few days before she flew to this place and I just said yes. Sometimes I just need to say yes to what life has to offer…and life would just keep surprising me.


I say my own prayer after the traditional ashtanga closing:

I pray for my teachers, and their teachers, and all those who have come before them. I pray for blessings and breath of life and of love for them.

I thank the Divine for the beauty and blessing of yoga. I pray that I may use them to glorify God, the serve others for the common good, and to do my dharma well and with joy.



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