Yoga for Others

I am now on a two-week, out-of-the country assignment…to care for my mom who just had a broken hip. On my first day, I sent YT a message “Gamit na gamit ang arm strength at mula bandha ko kakabuhat kay mommy. (My arm strength and mula bandha come so handy as I need to lift my mom often.)”

Was it serendipity or what, that the part of Yoga Sutra of Patanjali was reading at the airport talks about service.

You can have all these things to equip yourself to serve others. You must have a bed to rest in to feel refreshed in the morning to go out to serve others. You must eat to have enough energy to serve others. So you do everything with the idea that you are preparing yourself to serve others. Even the practice of meditation is not done just for your own peace but is done because with a peaceful mind you can go out into the world and serve well. So, even your Yogic meditation becomes a selfless action. That is what is meant by “Even with God do not have attachment.” (Yoga Sutra 1:15 annotation by Sri Swami Satchidananda)

Vairagya. Non-attachment. Selflessness. Service.

That may sound too simplistic but maybe we need not complicate our lives after all.

And the message reminds me of a song I learned way back in grade school, which goes this way:

We are made for service

to care for all men.

We are made to love

Time and again.

With love that will live

through sorrow and pain,

A love that will never die with strain.



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