From My Kitchen 1

I am no cook. I don’t read recipes (and operation manuals, among others) but I cook when absolutely necessary (like when I am starving?). I learn either by watching other people cook or by simply following my gut (or if it were a musical piece, I play it by ear). So let’s see how many dishes I can come up with in my two-week stay here.

Lunch for today: fried brown rice with spinach topped with tofu in island soyaki sauce; watermelon and cherries for dessert.


4 thoughts on “From My Kitchen 1

  1. Wow, parang ang sarap nung fried rice with spinach. Easiest dish that I know.. kimchi rice, hehehe… buy kimchi from the grocery… cook rice in the rice cooker… mix both in hot wok… fry sunny side up egg… top it on kimchi-rice mix.

    • Masarap daw sabi ni mommy, e wala naman siyang masyadong choice saka biased siya, ha ha! Hmmm, thanks for your interesting recipe. I can try it para may variety naman ang menu ko. But isn’t kimchi hot? Di pwede kay mommy ang maanghang e so I need to check =)

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