My Shalita

At 8pm

Loving my home practice. Slow. Meditative. No jump-backs (lest I disturb my entire household) and jump-throughs (as if I can do them; mine is more like a hop forward in-between my hands). No rush to the next activity. No rush because the studio will be closing or the next class will start already. Feeling every breath and every stretch. Hamstrings are unusually soft, kind, cooperative. Back is sensitive so I am loving it more than anything else.  Om.

Sun sets here pretty late.

Taken at 8:40pm at 30,000 feet

Thinking really of getting a new camera…if only to capture the beauty of the moon and Venus together.


2 thoughts on “My Shalita

  1. Am glad you are able to practice there…buti ka pa! I’ve missed Monday evening, tried Tuesday but it didn’t work and will have to miss Saturday! Enjoy your cooking!

    • Naku classmate, I need to make the most out of my three-hour break each day. Yoga helps me keep things in proper perspective. Everyday. =) And the cooking thing, I need to keep each meal interesting to my mom…and it makes my day interesting as well. 😉 Thanks!

      Trust that the Universe will lead to you where you should be at each moment. And as YT would say, the practice of yoga is not just about the practice of the asanas. See you soon! =)

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