What Happened to My Kitchen?

Or so  you might be wondering. I realize I can only do so much in an omnivore’s (my sister’s) kitchen, where garlic, onion, ginger, tofu, certain fruits (such as nectarine, pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, and grapes among others) and vegetables (carrots and potatoes, for example), and cheese do not fall under the category “healthy food”. I know. Om.

Today I prepared brown rice with mixed vegetables and (again) tofu with soyaki sauce–a sort of compromise, as I (and mom) cannot stand shrimp and salmon, which abound in this household. Even in my kitchen back home, I usually stock up on mixed vegetables–very versatile.

Here’s an article on basmati rice.


My lower back is now okay. I think it helped that I held my upward dog for several breaths during my practice last night.

It countered all the forward bends and lifting that I do during the day, I guess.

Tonight, back to Ashtanga!


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